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Hi all,


I am looking for insight from other communities. Like many of you we gained a significant spike in users as a result of the pandemic. This sustained itself until recently and we are now seeing a fall off in user numbers.

I am trying to figure out if we did something or if this is a trend we should expect as some of the world gets back to normal.

Note: I am not needing to share numbers specifically just asking the community if they are observing the trend

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Same here! My community also got spike last year, and a significantly declining since Jan this year. I am not sure if this is more from the pandemic, or Search Engine Algorithm update.


Sometimes its seasonal as we generally do see a decline in the summer months.  Also, we are noticing more 'partial registrations' lately which is opportunity for follow up. 


I just came across this article from July - don't know if you saw this but some interesting trends in here too.

Senior Community Manager | Strava
Community Manager

Not sure if you're still following, @allensmith81, but: the way I've heard others check for this is looking at whether the same trend in traffic increase / decrease happened over the same period of time in past years per season.

If it's different this time, and nothing major changed on your end (like a feature implementation), it was probably an outside influence that's affecting others too.

Hope that helps. Sounds like it is post-pandemic falloff, from what @melissapotvin and others shared. 

Also, thanks @Chao for the great point about watching algorithm changes, and @elbranscomb for the helpful article.

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