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Community syndication in 20.3 - is it working at all for you?

I am testing our newly-upgraded-to-20.3 staging site and am disappointed to see that Syndication (accessible via Admin > Content > Community Syndication) isn't rendering any posts at all. I'll file a support ticket about this, but I'm also curious if this problem is just our community, or a general 20.3 problem.  (If it's a general 20.3 problem, it's a pretty embarrassing "GA"...)

I see the same blank "preview" regardless of what filters I select. I do click "Get content" in order to attempt to preview it.



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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS, we've identified there was a bug in a recently upgraded version of a library we use in our platform. The upgrade happened between our regression testing and the 20.3 release and is something that we had no control over. We have identified the problem, put in place a fix, and are in the process of pushing out the fix today onto stage and production. I've tested your community on stage and verified the widget now loads content. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this caused you today and although it is unfortunate this happened as we are migrating customers as part of a GA launch in 20.3, I hope that you can understand this was out of our control. 


Khoros Product Team

Great, thanks for the info, Ray! Appreciate the response - and that was a super fast fix!!

Also, sorry I was kind of rude in my initial post, was just feeling frustrated that my testing was going poorly!

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