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Company logo placement


Our company logo is offset and looks a little odd.  It sits lower on the page then we would like.  Would like to move it up a smidge so that the top line of the page looks a little more balanced.   Have been searching through CSS and components looking for a way to adjust this.   Any pointers as to where I can make changes to the placement of the logo would be greatly appreciated.   I have added a pic of what I am referring to.  You will notice that the logo sits lower then the Browse drop down and the Search box.  The goal is to make the logo even with them.




System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya
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I understand not wanting to share your community link here. Would you mind sending it to me in a PM? I'm willing to give it a look.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the quick reply.  Wish I could send you a link, but it is a private community behind SSO.  The only way in is through our IDP from another private portal.  If there is anything I can grab and share I can do that.


System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya

I'm a better hands-on troubleshooter, but here's a few top-of-mind thoughts on what to check.

First thing to check is if the offset you're seeing is in the logo image itself. If so, you'll need to trim and re-upload the logo. Inserting a negative margin/padding/position in CSS is an option, but I don't recommend that.

If you right-click the logo, you should be able to get into the element inspector and if you're comfortable tweaking the CSS there, you might be able to find what you need to change in the actual site CSS.

Every site is different and it's not easy to explain generically. 😎

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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