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Complete your profile customization

Is there a way to customize the "Complete your profile" screen? I want to include another line that asks a second question
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Khoros Oracle

Well, I am not sure about the 'Complete your profile screen', because I am not familiar with that screen.  Is it possible that your company added that as an additional screen during the registration process?  It is entirely possible if you use Single-Sign On (SSO)

If it was a custom page added into the Community application, then 'yes', there is a way to change that (add more questions / fields).  It was typically done in Lithium Studio, or as a very minor customization.  

If you are talking about the basic profile page and fields that you can fill out (via the 'preferences' page) in the profile page, 'yes, you can absolutely add additional fields'.  Again, can be done though the Studio tool.

@Parshant  Might have some great ideas. He has done some customization and some great stuff in this area.

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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