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Component sharing area


Please feel free to correct me if I have missed something or am incorrect.  I've seen this idea posted already, back in 2013 and has since gone dead around 2017.  What I would like to propose is that Khoros setup a hub or page that allows users to share components they have created and get feedback on better methods or ask questions.  

An area where fellow users can share components and ask questions would be a big step forward

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This would be amazing. As more teams hire their own internal dev teams for Khoros, it would be amazing to thus use the community to help build out cooler stuff together. 


I hope I'm wrong in saying this as this doesn't really fit Khoro's current commercial model and so don't see it growing legs anytime soon. 

That said an area for users to share code/components for others to use "at their own risk" would be much appreciated and I for one think it' a great idea, i'd add and take from it for sure. 

Lets face it, only so many ways you can slice a community, god knows i've tried too many to remember. I've often taken customisations I've seen on other sites, not just communities and built them myself. 

I think this would be a great space for newer communities with limited to no dev capability to try something different to the out of the box look n feel which is very homogeneous, lets face it you can spot a stock Khoros community from a mile off, not their fault in fairness because all the others are the same and with most being limited on the dev front it's hard to push the boundary.

Another idea to build onto this idea... Would be for users to vote on the best components  and maybe the best, most used could be considered to be added to the out the box experience from Khoros. 

Almost like a component marketplace. 


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Hi @gdawson. You're right, this is a topic that's been floating for some time. I can think of a few reasons that it's never happened, but one of them is definitely that there was no one available on the Khoros side to own it. Until now... 

I've recently started a new role where I'll be defining, managing, and improving the outward-facing Developer Experience. (Think, the Dev Discussion forum, the Dev Blog, and beyond.)

A component sharing area sounds like it fits into the 'beyond' area that I'll be fleshing out. 

With regard to component sharing, there are things that Khoros needs to think through. Security, best practices, access, etc. But there are a number of allies in our Engineering and Product teams who fully support the community-spirit of code sharing.

Former Developer Experience Program Manager for Khoros. Please post in the Developer Discussion Forum if you have questions about the Khoros APIs.

Congrats on your new role @SuzieH!!! 

Jenny Weigle
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I would definitely find something like this interesting. I am reviewing which components and widgets we currently use, and something like this would make it a lot easier to see what others are using and what their experience has been.

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