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Configure Unique versus Cumulative Views on Topics


Topic performance displays.pngTopic performance display screenshot to the right. I'd like to change the displayed topic views from cumulative to unique (or as close to unique as I can get, given the platform's understanding of unique users/visits/views/etc.), but can't find the setting to do so.

I and my team feel displaying cumulative views on a topic results in an inaccurate performance impression, especially when a user, mod, etc. may revisit a topic a few times each day. In the screenshot, the topmost topic is my beta community's "Introduce Yourself" thread. The view count is overinflated by multiple "single user, many visits", where unique views would result in about half that count.

What say you, platform experts? Is it possible to configure this to a more realistic display?

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@CharlesDane Currently, it is not possible to change it. The view counts displayed on the topic page and the unique visitors metric in Community Analytics are computed differently today. It is possible that the topic view counts may be inflated since bot views are not filtered out there.

Interesting topic. 

We've had a user in the past artificially inflate the view count on their own posts. Presumably using some sort of tool to refresh the page over and over again into the tens of thousands. 




Thanks for the response, @MohammedF. I'm actually surprised to see cumulative views as the only display option, this seems rife for abuse as @JasonHill pointed out with his experience.

Bot account inflation is unlikely. While content hasn't been gated and my community hasn't been announced yet,  (although it can be visited if the URL is discovered), I've been keeping an eye on metrics for unusual trends - easy to spot in a pre-beta community.

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