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Confused by 'Closed account' result in Values Analytics results


Today I exported the last 30 days of our value analytics so I could review the survey feedback and for some reason, the Username for the majority of survey responders is listed as Closed Account and I cannot figure out why. Does that just mean they were not signed into the community when they took the survey?

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Khoros Staff

Hi GlennD,

After looking into this, I'm finding that your "Closed Account" entries are any anonymous user / survey.  These results would normally state "Anonymous" in the report; I haven't seen this occur before in these reports.

Please submit a case with Khoros Support to investigate further!  See @kgroneman 's reply 🙂

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

@GlennD  Check ADMIN > USERS > PROFILE DEFAULTS and look at your user name for deleted accounts.  I've found this is used for more than just deleted accounts, it's used also for accounts that are not logged in.  See if it matches the user ID for what you see:  

2019-04-22 07_52_01-Community Settings - Micro Focus Community.jpg

Community manager in the Micro Focus Community. My computer always used to beat me at chess, but it is no match for me now I changed the competition to kick boxing.

@kgroneman  👍 There we go, that explains it!  Of course, my test environment deceives me; Close Account needs to be enabled for that setting to appear.  Making a note on this for future reference, thanks!!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Thank you.


@LarryI is it anyway to update it to something else for Value Analytics?

it's messing up our reports

Khoros Staff

@irach15 I reviewed and in Value Analytics, it is simply pulling the name that you set for Closed Accounts in Admin.  Outside of updating the sheet yourself to change the username, there's no way to update the name only within Value Analytics.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

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