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Connecting Ideas toProduct Management

Hi there, we are currently working on a project to speed up and revamp our product management. I would be highly interested in experiences of those who use Ideas in Khoros and link it to an internal product management process. Are they linked directly e.g. to Jiira or other tools. Or are you treating them as seperate entyties.

Thanks for your support


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@clangmayr  - The fix here would be to have a Khoros JIRA connector and have the ideas sync and flow.


Feel free to DM.

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Add me to the list. Our Prod teams are adopting Aha! just as I was getting them onboard with Ideas in the community. Being able to sync Ideas with Aha! would be a huge win, other wise I will most likely end up retiring the Ideas boards in the community and just link to the Aha! boards once they are rolled out. My team is small and doesn't have the time to manually import and update from one to the other.

Hi, we now have settled for the following procedure.
Ideation stays (starts) in Khoros until we reach the accepted status. Product Management supervises the boards and asks the neccessary questions. As soon as we reach accepted. The ideas are moved to Aha! manually at the moment.


- the community has the Usermanagement in place to determine who should have access and viability

- the community team oversees the moderation of the Board. Avoiding Spam and Trolling.

- Aha! does not have to implement userstructures and is kept clean to 'just' do Product development.

- we are working on an Export/Import to Aha! Aha has an API so that should be doable when Ideas reach a certain stage.

Hope that helps



@clangmayr Thanks for reporting back. This seems like a compromise for the time being. 

We were researching the integration with Jira and there is a plugin implemented by Atlassian. We haven't tested it though.

In the legacy community platform, we we're using hidden comments to paste links to Jira (and vice versa - PMs were adding links to ideas in Jira). The comment visibility was set for the PM team only, so external users didn't see Jira links. It would be great to have this conditional comment visibility in Khoros as well - it wasn't perfect, but at least something 😉



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Hi Karolina,
could you please point me to the Plugin, we are changing another part in the system and that could be gold for the implementation.



If I remember correctly, this is what we were looking at: 

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