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Content Filter: Allowing Certain Words



There are several words that are being picked up by our Content Filters, and beeped out as they contain banned words.


For example the footballing terms/ names - Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, mi**bleep** ( the act of trying to HIT the ball but MISSing)


Is there a way to allow certain words to bypass moderation.

Spoiler contains slightly rude British swearing -  

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a r s e, a r s e s, or any other derivitative,

However I'd still like to continue using the catch-all SwearWord* while overiding it for certain words.


Is this possible? Or am I trying to make life a little too easy in the world of community management 😉





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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @JamesWoodsSM


I believe the filters can be configured using regular expressions as well (see documentation). In your case, I think you should be able to create a regular expression that identified the "standalone" word but allows the football team name (as in that case the word is used just as a prefix). Of course it becomes tricky because you may end up allowing certain variations of the swear words.


I suggest to have a look at this and this other documentation article to get a better idea of what can be done.



Paolo Tagliaferri
Principal Technical Consultant


Brilliant, thanks - I read everything but that article, it would appear 🙂

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

No worries! Let us know how are you getting on with these settings

Paolo Tagliaferri
Principal Technical Consultant


Well, success.


I've managed to get the following sentence through the filters.


Scunnyplayed AFC today!

May I ask what regex pattern you used for this? We have run into a similar problem with those two particular football team names getting censored.

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