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Content Filter Exceptions


I am looking for suggestions, we have the filter of 




 configured (without the -).. seems fair right?

Now we have a user whos name is rishit and everytime he posts a link with his name in it, it gets *bleep**'d out.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can handle this?

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We had a similar issue on our community where a filtered word was part of a bigger word that was a genuine word in German.

Could you remove the first * so that when the word is part of a bigger word it doesn't get filtered and then extend your list of words to include words that are still objectionable when prefixed to your filtered word?

We have 16 words on our list that contain your word and most of those start with the word so the word* would work for those and then we have just one that has a prefix to your word that is listed specifically rather than using the *word rule. 

I can't find any other way to explain this without actually using those words so I hope this makes some sense? 😊

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