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New to Khoros, but was on Jive many moons ago.  When it comes to rankings/levels on most communities the lurkers and dabblers who make up the vast majority of users have little to no idea the context of ranks.  I don't see a public way even for our Top Contributors to see how many others are within their ranks.

Couple of questions hopefully there is already a solution for and I'm just missing it.  Can we have a leaderboard that at a minimum can display ranks and how many members have attained them?  Ideally, they could click on the number and it would take you to a page that shows all members who have attained that rank. 

Probably more importantly on content pages with member ranks, show context of it by displaying the number of members who have earned it.  At least by hover-over of the rank name but also next to the name itself. 

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This would give credence to users consuming the content and motivate members to make their way up the ladder toward more exclusive ranks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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There is no OOTB component to achieve this. But this can be achieved by some custom development using Khoros standard APIs. 

Like, you can get the count for every rank

SELECT count(*) FROM users WHERE = 'Boss'


Here is the API documentation 

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