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Content filter mark as spam?

Is there a way to have filters mark something silently as spam? I don't necessarily want to tell my spammers I'm on to them but I don't see that option. 

I have a filter that's matching some of the words so that's good, but then they know it's blocked and work around it. I'd rather let them think it's working and quietly let it all disappear. Thoughts?

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Can I ask why you wouldn't want them to know?

If they are submitting content that is considered spam is that something you could coach them on versus hiding? Correcting the problem instead than working around it a better long term approach?

As per the Q, I don't think this is possible OOTB but there custom work might allow this? 

If these are just spammers and coaching isn't an option take a look at system measures, is there a common email domain being used that you could ban, is email verification required? What are your flood control settings? 

@tyw - thanks for your response. These are just plain spammers, there's not coaching needed. They create an account, post as many spam messages as they can, repeat. So, for instance, if they want me to buy "goat babies", I can block that word. However, the system tells them it's blocked so they change it to "go at babies". I can use regex to stop that, but then they will figure that out and change it again. If it's just silently accepted into a spam hole up to the normal limits for a user, it hurts my stats but it doesn't hurt my community and they are slower to realize it's not working and adapt. Whack-a-mole isn't a fun process.

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