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Control the duration of autosaved drafts?

Hi community,


We have the "autosaved drafts" feature turned on, and find it useful for most recent drafts, but is there a way to delete/clean up old autosaved drafts? I can't imagine a reason one needs a year-old autosaved draft. It'd be great if we could set the community to only keep autosaved drafts for the last 2 weeks for example.


Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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I'm not aware of any way to do this "out the box" only change the save interval but you have a good point I found I had loads and took a little while to delete them all.


May be an idea to post this in the product ideas for the lithium team to review, it would get my kudos 


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 Thanks Stephen! I'll submit an idea.



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Well... actually: If you are using the out of the box user profile page layout there is a "Autosaved Drafts" component (id for the devs users.widget.unsaved-drafts ) at the very top of the page. It's a modal component and will only show if you have unsaved draft. You can reopen and permanently discards your drafts from there:

Autosaved drafts screenshotAutosaved drafts screenshot

You can see it in action here on the Lithium Community: Simply wait for the autosave to kick in and then open your profile page.


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Thanks ClaudiusH!


We have that component for our community, and it's great for users to be able to discard unwanted (recent) autosaved drafts. But as you know, it's cumbersome to delete individual drafts from past weeks, months or years. I'll still submit an idea for this.



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