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Cost estimate


I work in a digital communication agency and I would like to propose your solution to one of my clients (post programming , publication and moderation functionalities on social networks at least).

Could you provide me with a cost estimate or a price list?

Thank you in advance,

Marine KOPP

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Hi Marine and welcome to Khoros Atlas,

if you looking for moderation on social networks you are actually looking for Khoros Care (formerly known as Khoros Care). I suggest you follow the Request a demo link in the page footer to get in touch with the Khoros team and talk to the component sales folk.

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Hi Claudius,

Thanks for this answer ! 

Unfortunately, I already tried to get in touch with them :

- Through email ''

- Through their online form

- By asking for a demo

And I didn't hear from them since. Do you know how long I should be waiting for the answer ? I know of course that they probably have a lot of more urgent topics to deal with :).



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