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Create New Topic from existing topic that is blocked for new replies

Hi All,

So I was part of a discussion awhile back, where it was mentioned that there is a community feature which would allow for a member to create a new topic from an existing topic, where the existing topic was blocked for new replies.  

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!



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Khoros Oracle

I am not familiar with a feature like that.  And if I am clear on the subject, I cannot imagine that our team would ever build something like that, given that it defeats the purpose of locked thread (which is to limit the discussion going on in such a Topic)

But like many things, one could simply copy and paste content from a locked thread and start a new thread if they really wanted to.  But then it all goes back to a 'Community Management' issue at that point, and has very little to do with the platform itself.

Thanks Jake!

I realize that I wasn't totally clear on my initial ask.  Apologize to all for the long post!

For our Community, we lock down topics based on our pre-defined business criteria to avoid necroposting, topic hijacks, and runaway threads.  In our Community we support OOTB products as well as platform development for Apps, which are heavily influenced by specific business use case requirements.

In our platform development support forums, we are seeing a trend where Members have the same question, however, based on their particular use case,  the question may be the same, but the member specific business use case requirements are different.  So the designated Accepted Solutions and/or associated replies, do not capture the subtle differences on a use case basis - thereby initiating the community member action to follow up on legacy topics.  

It is worth mentioning that we are investigating the "Me Too" rating feature.  Based upon initial analysis, our community categories that support our product developers, Me Too is a "voting" system and can not support members who have the same question with the above and beyond business use case considerations.  (Will not bore anyone with further detail beyond that!)

Right now, our members have to create new topics and create the hyperlinks to the original topic, or our moderators have to "create new topic's" and insert the hyperlinks to the originating topic to ensure transparency/continuity.  (naturally - with appropriate notifications to the OP of our actions)  I don't know about anyone else - but our capacity allocation for moderation support has low bandwidth as we support multiple channels. (internal/external)

In our annual SBR meeting with Khoros, we were discussing new platform functionality, and this topic was raised.  Our Community team had captured this topic for something as a follow up item (clearly - I won that action item).  🙂 

Our understanding from this discussion was that, for topics that were blocked for new replies, there was a Community feature which we could leverage the facilitation on new Topic generation on existing topics where the Block New Replies had been implemented.  This would support the minimization on moderation demand while also improving out Community member experience. .

Rather than entering a case (I thought I would spare the Khoros Community team this time around), I wanted to check in with the Khoros Community to see if anyone else had some feedback, as I couldn't find anything based upon my search criteria.

Based on your response,  I have now reached out to our Account Team to clarify our understanding of this discussion point during our SBR.

When I have feedback from them, I would be happy to update this thread for the benefit of others in the Khoros Community who face a similar situation/question, if for no other reason than that this is the behaviour we encourage within our Community!  🙂 

Again - my understanding with our Khoros account team from a month ago may be flawed.  So  more to follow based on our follow up!



Not sure if this is helpful for your use case but we've customized this a bit where we display a component on an archived/locked topic. The component simply displays a note informing users about the status of the topic (locked) and to create a new post in case they need help.

Have a look here. I am sure you have seen similar "solutions" like this but you never know 😊

'Have a nice day!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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