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Creating On-Demand Events

using the Events module, is there a way to create an event that is on-demand. It only appears to be that I have to choose a date and time. Thanks!

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We use a KB article for our on demand recordings.  What is your use case for wanting to use on demand in events?  From my very short experience testing it out, the power of events come from the calendar view.  I can see scheduling a day that the new on-demand content is launched.  Do you have a different case?

Khoros Staff

@suemacaluso Yes, it should be able to possible to create on-demand events. Events could be used also for posting videos from past events (that may have been conducted outside) for better circulation among Community members. The calendar widget that you can place on any of the Community pages help scope the events to the appropriate audiences within the Community. 

Please do share if there are any questions around the use cases you would like to achieve with Events on the Community. 


@RahulHa Been a few months but I am back to this now. We currently have a custom events page where we post, upcoming events, on-demand events, podcasts, etc.  (many are flipped to on-demand after the date of the live webinar.) People could filter on the event type. Now are started using the out-of-the-box events module from Khoros and I am required to put in a start and end. I know that I could put the module where I wish but I want to have a list of events that includes all and have the ability to filter by the event type. Is this a possibility to not require the start and end time? @JamieQlik @melissapotvin 

@suemacaluso I would be curious to learn more about your custom events page and how you're managing that! Would you be willing to share more around what this solution looks like / how you're using it? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Khoros Staff

Wanted to share we are enhancing Events adding the ability to create events for past dates. This new enhancement plus the existing ability to re-name Event statuses (say from 'past' to  'on-demand', hopefully helps bring even past events into the Khoros platform and have them available under 'on-demand' for member views. The Events enhancement will targeted as part of the upcoming Community release, 21.12 in Dec. 

Thanks @suemacaluso for bringing this up and hope this works for the use case you had in mind.

Khoros Staff

Just a quick update that 'ability to create events with past dates' is now available as part of the 21.12 release. Check out:

cc: @SumantMa 

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