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Creating a forum board within a forum board that only select employees can see



We have an internal employee board on our Community that all that have the employee role can see. I have tried to create a new knowledge base within this category for only select users, but it appears that it is still available for all employees to see. I tried to follow the steps here and even created a new role for the select few:


Is there something I missed? When I created this new role I made sure that the settings were only for this particular board. Thanks for any help or suggestions. 

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@hspriet  :Kindly follow the below approach on setting Private Board


Navigate to the Particular Board in the Choose option-->  In the Default Permission tab--> Keep "See Forums" Permissions as DENY--> Go to Role(ex: Private) tab in the same Board--> Create  a new role--> Keep "See Forums" Permissions as Grant.


Assign the new role(ex: Private) to the people who need to access the Board. So only Admins and the new role(ex: Private) can able to access the Board.


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Abhishek Illindra

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