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Creation of Private Group, Forum, Category... help!

Hi guys!


My company has a big annual conference coming up in a week, where our clients come out for 2 days and we do all sorts of keynotes and instructional meetings, etc. Anyways, I want to create a private area in the community where we can house all the information and resources from this year's conference for them to go back and access throughout the next year. However, since this is a PAID conference, I don't want just anyone to have access to this area. Given that we will have about 230 clients in attendance, creating a new role and assigning it to every single community account of the client in attendance just isn't quite realistic. 


Does anyone have a better idea as to how I could pull this off? I want it to be easy for the clients in attendance to access, but impossible for anyone else to access. Suggestions/tips appreciated! 🙂 

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@MarissaNeilson -

Just want to confirm, will client have access to different content? or all the client have the same content access. 

If all the client has the same content access, You can create a single role rather than creating multiple roles and create a private board which will be accessible by only that role. 

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If these clients already have community accounts, and you know their usernames, you can bulk-upload the role for each user via the Import Roles tool (documentation here). But - chances are they don't all already have community accounts and/or you don't know their usernames.


Another way to approach it is to create a private group, and then give all conference registrants the URL of the group. They'll need to log in and send a request to join. Whoever is the admin of the private group will need to proactively check for requests to join as there aren't any notifications sent - but this is still probably easier than manually setting the role for all of the conference attendees. They could check once or twice a day perhaps (BTW, here's the product idea for notifications to group admins when people request to join, if you want to show your support via kudos)


Hope this helps!


- Caroline 

Hi @TariqHussain, clients will have access to all the same content, I just don't want any client accessing the page who didn't attend the conference. I know I can create a role and assign it to everyone, I was just wondering if there was a quicker/more convenient way of going about it since I'll have around 230 attendees and that is a lot of roles to assign, especially when I don't have all their usernames on hand. 

Hi @CarolineS,


Thanks for your response! The second option you provided would actually work perfectly, as we're syncing our community up with a conference app each client will download. I can add the link in there. Do you know where the documentation is to do this? I've never done a private group that requires a request to join.



Hi @MarissaNeilson - looks like the term is actually "Closed Group" (not private group, sorry!), and here's the documentation I found:



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