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Cross-posting in multiple boards

Is there a way for users to post in multiple boards without creating a new thread? Meaning, each post on a separate board references the same post? I have users who want to post the same content in more than one board in order to reach more than one audience, which causes issues with search, continuity of conversation, etc. 


I searched admin panel but didn't see an option for cross-posting. 


Thanks in advance for the help!



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@Inactive User

By admin settings, it would not be possible. Labels/Tags can help you to get it done what you are trying to do but it would require the customisation. Here you can see the example.

Actually, post is posted only at single place it can be seen at multiple boards using tags. 

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In this instance, the user would like to be able to float their topic on two boards. Labels and tags would not apply in this case. Ideally they would be able to post one message but have it appear in two places. I'm getting the feeling that cross-posting is not possible in this way as I can find no reference to it other than in Lithium product ideas. @VikasB

@Inactive User

Yes, using tags it can float on multiple boards even posted at single place as you can see in given screenshots in last comment. But it does not make sense to customise it for a single user and lithium does not offers it(cross-posting) as an settings as well. 

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

You can vote on this idea in the JX ideas area, where it actually has been suggested:

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Thanks, @BeckyS. Voted! 

Yes, we want to cross post our articles to more than one board too! 

Oh this idea is gone now. 

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