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Cross-posting or auto-selection of a label

Hey all,

There is a thread from 2018 about cross posting in multiple boards, and it appears that ability is currently not available within the platform.  With that in mind, I'm curious if there is a way (without custom code) for a label to be auto-selected when a new discussion is authored in a particular board, and then surface threads with that label within a user group?  here's the use case:


We have a user group that allows members to post a new topic (thread).  However, threads started in a user group are ONLY visible within the user group,(correct me if i'm wrong - and if I am it means cross-posting is an option) and NOT on discussion boards that may exist outside of the group - even though they may be very relevant topics to the larger community.  What I'm hoping could be done is the following:

1. User Group "ABC" has a Member who clicks "create new discussion/topic"
2.  The user is directed to the main discussion board (not the user group discussion board) where the group label "ABC" is auto-selected.  

3. The thread publishes to the main discussion board (not the user group discussion board) with the label that was auto-selected. (This allows for the entire community audience to see the new discussion, rather than a small group of users within the user group).

4. When users visit the user group page, we display threads that are labeled "ABC" from the main discussion board. (In essence, creating a filtered-search result of discussions from the larger community that are relevant to the group).


What are we trying to solve for?  In a word - "Micro-fracturing" and limited visibility of threads within a User Group.  The general best practice is to create a new board once enough discussions have been generated around the topic, but in this particular example we are launching a group with limited discussions, and want to increase the visibility, awareness, and overall engagement with the topic.

I hope this wasn't too abstract, but I'd imagine a lot of people are confronted with the age old question of, "should user groups contain their own discussions, or should we let users post in the main board and give them a specific label to use....?"

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