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Custom Badge for Consecutive Days of Use

Hey guys and gals.


I want to see if this is even possible.


I want to create a custom badge that will correlate to the amount of consecutive days visited or consecutive days with a post or reply. If it is indeed possible how would i identify it, identifier and operator?


Thanks in advance

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @J_Easley


I am not sure if this is possible with the out of the box criterias, but you could definitely achieve this with a customization. You would need to create some custom profile fields (see the last paragraph of this article) that track this information, the logic to populate them, and then base your badge criteria on the custom field value. 


Once Support has created the custom profiles, you can either implement the custom logic yourself in Studio, or reach out to Lithium Professional Services to help you out with that part. They would also be able to confirm what is indeed achievable based on your detailed requirements.



Paolo Tagliaferri
Principal Technical Consultant


@J_Easley @PaoloT


We have plans for badges for consecutive days of use for the community we are currently building. We had assumed this would be core functionality. 


I have submitted an idea to hopefully ensure it will be part of the next gamification release. Please add your comments and vote.







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