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Custom URL Field

At the moment, the Title of a category is used in the URL. There are some cases when it would be beneficial to define the url independently of the title


Case 1: non latin characters in the title. If you have, for example, Japanese characters in a url, the url will behave poorly when copied and pasted. All of the japanese characters will be converted into numbers and % symbols.


Case 2: you prefer to control the case/hyphen convention of your urls. If your category is named Awesome Category, the url will convert to Awesome-Category. Perhaps you would rather it be awesomecategory or awesome_category.


Does anyone know of a way to define the URL independently of the category title?

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@stevensullivan - Well, in case you need to have a better looking and human readable URLs, Vanity URLs is the best option. Here are few references in this regards.


Vanity URLs

How to create vanity URLs or redirects

Changing Vanity Name

Short link or Vanity URL?


I hope this helps.



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