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Custom component peculiarity

We recently created a homepage custom-content tile that rotates four TKB posts. In the current rotation, one post has a photo as the featured image and three feature YouTube videos. With two posts, the videos display as expected. But the other, though the embedded video is the first element in the piece, an image below the video is featured by default. Is there a way to force the custom component to feature the video instead?

Short-term solution was to screenshot the video and make it the cover photo. That's OK, but it doesn't look like the other two. I'd rather have all three display the same.

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I think I'd need to see it in action to understand more about what's going on.

Are the videos embedded differently between the three posts, specifically in the one not working as expected when compared to the other two?

Community Manager \\ NetApp

@Drew_C  I compared the HTML between the posts...they're formatted exactly the same. Update: Welp, never mind! Turns out this is a custom configuration that a colleague here can probably fix.

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