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Custom styles for the WYSIWYG editor?

Hi all,


does anybody know, if there are possibilities to define custom inline and block styles for the styles dropdown in the WYSIWG editor (especially for the TKB)?!


What I would like to have is custom block styles for some tips, notes, warning contents and some inline formatting. Currently only the default styles for headlines and paragraphs are available.


As a workaround I currently go the HTML view but that's very complicated to do if you have to maintain hundreds of articles.


2017-03-22 09_55_32-How to install TeamViewer on Windows 7, 8 and 10 - TeamViewer Community - 1389.png2017-03-22 09_56_06-Deploy TeamViewer Host MSI Package with Assignment Tool - TeamViewer Community.png


Looking forward to your answers 🙂


Thanks in advance,


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The WYSIWYG editor in community is locked down and changes are limited but you can change a fair bit check out what buttons you can edit in editor however the one missing is the "templates" feature, ive used this in a drupal site and allows you to populate with elements such as what you need and makes it point and click to insert the code snippet.


The only thing i can think of which "may" help would be to use macros, you could populate the macros with a html code and try and use that to insert your html snippet. 


Good luck 


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