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Customer Survey feature or Survey tool intergration, e.g. Qualtrics


before I start: this is the first time I am visiting this community, so in case my question was already answered in another post or documentation - in that case apologies and I'd be happe to be guided to the right link.


Now here is my question:

In one of our intended use cases we want to do various surveys within our community.
Our use case is NOT to ask the community about our comminity offering itself, e.g. if they found the info they were looking for, if they get any benefit from the community etc.

INSTEAD our use case is, that we want to do surveys on the products we sell, if they have recommendations, but also to ask for their opinion on which topics or activities we should do a post in the community, as well as to let them vote how much they liked the contributions of other members in a challenge/contest.
The surveys may contain votes, multiple questions, closed but also open (free text) questions.


Is there any feature for this within Khoros itself?

Or does anybody have experience with the integration of survey tools like Qualtrics and has some advice or experience on how to set it up?


Would be thankful for any advice in that matter.

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Hi @SVogt!

Welcome to the Community!

Currently, adding additional information via surveys, beyond the business value analysis survey is not available within the Community solution. There is little flexibility to alter the survey questions. In Aurora, we are evaluating a survey integration rather than the OOTB questions we have today but it wouldn’t be added to aurora until later in 2023.

That being said, most survey tools are designed to be embedded into web apps or emails so it may not be that difficult to find ways to include survey links in a blog post or custom component. 

I also found the below discussion threads that I think might be helpful:


I hope this helps!


As @MohammedF mentioned a lot of communities use their own survey tools and embed it into the community. 

Most tools just provide a snippet of code that has to be integrated e.g. Typeform. Smarter Tools also allow some configuration when the survey appears (e.g. certain areas, after certain time/session time etc.) e.g. Adobe Campaign. 

We did a few of these integrations with different tools. 






Hi @MohammedF and @MrB77 ,

thanks for your answers.

In the meantime I also came across "Polls" (

Is this actually (still) a feature available and would it help to use it?

@SVogt Yes Polls are still available and they provide a great way to engage with your community on any topic you choose with targeted, mini-surveys. You can place polls on any community page using Studio.

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