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Customer examples of Help Center Knowledge Bases

Hi, I am looking for customer examples of Help Centers using the Knowledge base feature in Community. 

Is anyone doing this or know of any example sites? Has anyone migrated existing Help Center documentation to be hosted entirely in a KB on Khoros and willing to share experience?


Senior Community Manager | Strava
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We migrated a lot of content from a Wordpress based site to TKB half a year ago (and we still have a few on-going projects for different language versions). Migration process went somewhat smooth, Khoros did 4 migration tests for us before we migrated the whole content for real. After each migration test we could check our content (approx. 900 articles) and give feedback for them. Our biggest challenge was that our previous site used a lot of custom Javascript based solution for special HTML content, and it caused problems many times. Now that we migrated the content, it looks OK, but whenever we touch them, it is really easy to destroy and make these articles unusable. I think if you used something basic and default, there will be no issue, but custom solutions can cause headache when it comes to migration.

Hey @elbranscomb,

I migrated a Drupal based help site onto Khoros leveraging TKB, you can take a look at the site if your want 

Happy to discuss in more detail but my advice would be:

  • Do an audit before the migration, dont move stuff you could just leave or delete
  • If domains are changing think about SEO and redirects, i closed down a domain of the old site and added it to the main Khoros site with redirects to mitigate 404's you should be monitoring these daily post migration to mitigate poor UX
  • TKB is limited from the point of view of using content widgets/layouts however you can edit the WYSIWYG editor to build out things like accordions, modal windows, carousels etc which make for more engaging content.
  • I had over a thousand bits of content but only migrated about 300 following the audit, if you have a lot of content maybe an automated migration would be quicker but my advice, if you have the time would be to manually migrate the content by hand, one by one. This way you can control the look n feel and also review as you go. Appreciate that's only feasible if lower number of articles. 

Good luck with the migration. 


Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy


Hi @elbranscomb 

One of our customers is using the TKB as their Main help page 

There was no migration involved, everything is on Khoros

They also use the TKB in a more structured approach for a step-by-step guide in financial knowledge (fully custom):

Another Example from another client: 

Category Level: 

Artricle Level: 



Thanks for sharing your experience. Is there a url you can share where I can check out the results of the migration? 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Thanks for sharing. The site looks really great - I love the overlay to help members find the article they are looking for rather than scrolling through a big long KB article page. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Thanks for sharing. The category page for Swisscom is really nice with the cards. I guess that's a custom template?

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Yes this is a custom page/design


Here is a link to our Support TKB Knowledge Base.  We migrated thousands of articles from salesforce - We use product association and labels to organize

We also have an integration with Qualtrix for 5 star rating on articles (replacing kudos)

When at Anaplan, we created a few different styles:

Traditional article tiles with multi-select labels. Similarly, can combine multiple TKBs to be displayed onto a parent Category with the labels as well as needed.

Accordion style - Each accordion is an individual TKB article that can be edited on the backend still, but presented in a book like style with various chapters. 




Thanks for sharing Melissa, I love the layout and styling you've implemented there. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Thanks for sharing this insight Stan. I like the inclusion of an image with each article definitely makes it look very attractive. Sometimes big repositories of documents can be a little dry to consume so this is really nice. 

Are you able to share any background on approx level of effort you invested in creating this new custom skin for your tkb landing page?

Senior Community Manager | Strava

You can check any of the articles here: Most content is still from migration from Wordpress.

@StanGromer Hello Stan! The second example you've shared is very similar to what we envision to build on our KB. Could you please share with us which plugin you have used and/or vendor that developed this page for you?

Ccing @etisson 

@beacampos We built it all in-house. It's just utilizing the Khoros API to display the knowledge bases a bit differently.

thank you so much!

Hi Melissa,

i had a look on your knowledge base. How did you get the default search option set to knowledge base upon entering the TKB?  

For us this was set by the Professional Services team of Khoros. This way depending on where you are on the community, you will get the current category type as the default search place:

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