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Customize Advanced Search Options

Is there a way to customize advanced search options?  I'd like to be able to allow the members to search for keywords with specific tags or labels.  Another option would be to customize Filters to indicate tags or labels - for both Posts and KBs.  Is this possible?  Any recommendations and ideas?



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@yyun- It is an OOTB component which can not be customize, You can only change with design by using CSS. The only option to create Custom Search for this.


Regarding the filter, there is an option available for filter by specific label. SS below.



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Thanks, @TariqHussain - Is there a documentation on how to customize?  I'll have to work with our developer person to test this suggestion!  I couldn't find anything when I searched for documentation on this Community for some reason...



@yyun- Apologize for the mistake in my previous reply, I have updated it. We can not customize the CSS as it an OOTB component. We only can change the look by using CSS.

Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query.

Thanks, @TariqHussain.  It's unfortunate we can't customize so that our member has better experience in narrowing down search results, in turn have better experience in finding what they are looking for rather than searching through hundreds of posts/kbs/documentation...  I'll add it to Ideas, I suppose.

Is it possible to customize the board view to filter by label?

You likely will need to look to external solutions for search.  We implemented Coveo at the start of the year, which provides unlimited customization and reporting capabilities.

What's coveo?

Enhanced search / federated search appliance ->

We replaced the default search with this, essentially gives you Google like search capabilities.  We federate our content from Community, our help platform, our core DotCom website, as well as being in the process of integrating this with our support team in SFDC, allowing them the same power to search/share when assisting customers.

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