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Customizing front page welcome text whith a Freemarker

How can I show the front page welcome text which I set up in the "Admin" -> "Content" -> "Announcements" -> "Front page welcome text" to unregistered users only?

Tried to use this code but it seems like Freemarker expressions are not working here for the front page welcome text:

<#if user.anonymous>
  <!-- Some HTML code here -->

Thank you!

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Hey @Myko_P,

Try something like this if you'd like to have a welcome message for registered users and a different message for unregistered users:

<#if user.registered == true>
(insert html)
<#if user.registered == false>
(insert html)

Hope this helps.



You can show it by using below code in your custom component and add this to your page quilt.

<#if user.anonymous>  
<@component id="community.widget.featured-content"/>

This custom component will show all the content added to "front page welcome text" area.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

@StephenB , @Parshant , thank you guys!

Both solutions worked for me 😊

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