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Customizing the Format of Daily Digest Emails

I find the email format of the Daily Digest subscription emails difficult to read and follow. Has anyone customized the format of theirs? If so, can you share some screen shots? 

Ideally, I think it would have a list of the topics at the top of the email... acting like a table of contents for the long email below. Then the posts would be organized by topic -- that is, each topic would be a header and the individual posts related to that topic would be grouped together before the next header and topic. Right now, it goes back and forth between topics and is confusing.  

Thanks in advance for any screenshots or tips you can share.

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I like the idea @maryironclad. Will be keen to see what you can do with it.





My first question is: where do we edit daily digest emails? Seems to be something obvious but reading this I got curious as to where it is.


And also subscribing to this thread because I'd love to see ideas!

You can edit the digest template in Studio, but I've found it to be a bit limiting. Curious to hear how others have approached this. Here's a blog post about templates:

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