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Data Discrepancy Between Khoros and Tableau

Hello Khoros Community!

I have a perplexing problem I'd love to get your attention on:

In Khoros the following is reported from May 1st to Jan 9th 2023
Page Views: 361,457
Visits: 74,917
Unique Visitors: 23,021

But using the bulk import API, we get the following numbers imported into Tableau:
Page Views: 3,71,107
Unique Visits: 72,639
Unique Visitors: 22,836

Any ideas why there is a discrepancy?

Is this the same issue as:

Thank you!

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Could it be due to timezone differences in the two sources? Eg one uses the default Khoros timezone (somewhere in the US?) whereas the other is your community's timezone?




That was my first thought too - but the wild difference in numbers doesn't
account for that.

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