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Date formats in LSI

Date formats exported from LSI in a csv are not Excel (or other reporting tool) - friendly. The format exported is: yyyy-mm-dd hh whereas in metrics you get dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm which Excel immediately reads as a date/time. You can make the changes each time in Excel, but that is cumbersome for each report.


Is there an easier way?

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Is not possible change in LSI I think but perhaps is more easy from Excel at separe the text by columns.


If you open the doc with Excel, you can change automatically before make the changes separating "comas"


In the four step, you can choose the column A of dates, and select Date: DMY (sry for the screenshot in spanish), when you click in Finish the column appear with your desire format and don't need make the change of format.


I don't know if exist any way more quickly for that. 



Xoxe García
Social Solutions Consultant

Thanks @xoxegarcia for the detailed explanation. 




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