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Decrease of number of users online

Hi there,


We are experiencing a decrease in the numbers of "online users" shown in our Community since Aug. 1st.


We had an average of between 3000 to 4000 users online and all of a sudden, we have just 500 to 1000 online.

I do not see a decrease of visitors and I would like to know, if there was a change in how to count the users online recently.


Thank you,


Community Manager @TeamViewer
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Hey Esther. How are you?

We're having a similar situation where we saw our Searches without results increase since a specific date in August for all our 7 language communities. We're able to tie it back to the latest community release to 17.5/17.6. The change in metrics matches exactly the data of which the specific language communities were updated (ever community has a slightly different release data so that helps in our case to pinpoint it down to that)
I saw your community is on 17.6 as well. Do you recall the upgrade date? Could it be linked to that.

We're getting to versions released in one go so both 17.5 and 17.6

I saw something in the 17.5 release that might be related but Lithium should be able to investigate this...

Scroll to the bottom. Below a snippet of the paragraph.


Some customers who went through a data migration see a different Members count in the Community Metrics component when the li-metric-name XML parameter is set to completed_registrations than the registered user count returned from a query like: SELECT count(*) FROM users

Hope others will chime in here as well.
Congrats on your Teamviewer ID Milestone by the way 🙂


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Hi Wendy,


Thank you for your fast reply! I am doing well and I hope, you too 🙂


The Community update was also my first guess. The upgrade-date was in the beginning of August.

Anyway, I was a bit unsure, because we were also facing a massive spammer attack at that time and I was afraid, that there was a connection, but I think this is not the reason.


I have not noticed changes in the Searches without results, but I will check it right away.


I am also curious to see, if others are facing similar situations.


And thank you for the congratulations! The 1,5 billion ID milestone is a great event for us 🙂


All the best, Esther


Community Manager @TeamViewer

I think the search without result increase might be specific to HP. As if a little bonus came with the upgrade. We're verifying it with Lithium as we are working to improve search and we were in the process of testing a small algorithm change.

Anyway, good luck!
Learning from others and helping where I can!
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Hi Esther,
Just to be clear: Where do you obtain that figure from? Are you referring to the figure shown in the "Online Users" widget that is shown on your front page?
I think Wendy's tip goes into the right direction and you might want to double check the component's parameters in studio to confirm you fall into that group.

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Hi Claudius,


I am referring to the online users shown on top of our main page:





Thanks and have a nice start into the week,





Community Manager @TeamViewer

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