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Deep dive into Community Search mechanics

Hello everyone,

I am responsible for our B2B Community where we provide service information for 3rd party companies interested in our internal documentation. It is critical for us that users can search for content with high precision and accuracy so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. As an interaction style we are using is TKB.

Based on signals which I receive from customers, as well as looking into my test results for some scenarios search behave different than it is specified in Khoros Community/Atlas documentation or behavior is not covered by documentation at all. In some cases functionality does not seem to work.

I would like to see your experience and maybe some of you have similar observations. Answers are more than welcome.


It seems that Search engine of Khoros Community is capable to search through attachment content. Search returned a post, which did not have search query in title, not in body, not labeled, not in attachment title. The only occurrence of searched string was inside of file however it not exact match. File was in .pdf format.

It was mentioned by community, in the past, that search works for attachment, but there was no clear statement to confirm that and which formats are supported.

Based on developer documentation search can access only attachment name.


  • Did you found a clear statement on searching through attachments, does Stemming/Wildcards/Boolean operators works in this scenario and which formats are supported?



Both in user documentation and in description available in frontend it is said that Khoros Community Search support EXACT search. However, based on my tests it does not appear that it is actually working now.

Exact search can be realized in 2 ways:
- By using "+" sign, which requires following string ended with Space to exist in searched entries.
- By using quotes ("abc").

However, while searching for "DCN-WD-D" (quotes intended) I also get results which does not have this term on any level (place, user, title, body, label, attachment title, attachment content).

User expectation will be that only EXACT entries will appear. Otherwise, 0 results.


  • Is Exact search, realized through quotes, is returning only exact matches? What is the solution design behind it? 
  • Is Spellcheck triggered when you are using exact search?



Both in user documentation and in description available in frontend it is said that Khoros Community Search support 'minus sign' as a search criteria. "Use the minus sign to -exclude -certain -words from your search." As I mentioned before our B2B customers use product codes like DCN-WD-D.

When user attempt to search for such code given results have highlighted matching parts of text. I noticed that '-' is not highlighted. '-' is not highlighted both in auto-suggest and in results.


  • Why "-" is not highlighted?
  • Is "-" interpreted as "exclude what follows the -" like it states in documentation and therefore searching for codes like DCN-WD-D is 'corrupted'?



  • Is Search case sensitive?
  • Does Best Match take into an account case when sorting matches?


Many thanks for insights!



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@MacLit - Most of what you are looking for is something not available as a part of standard search and would require a custom solution. Let me know and I can share some more details over the PM.

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Hi @VarunGrazitti ,

Thanks for your reply. We are using out of the box search with no custom development on our side.

I am also aware of Custom Dictionary as a possible way to go.

However I would like to first understand better what would seem default/basic Search behavior.

Many thanks for further insights.

Regarding your Case #2:  Exact search in quotes doesn't work.  See this discussion thread:

Khoros said:

"Khoros Staff

Hello all,

I wanted to drop a quick line that this is being looked at by engineering and support. We understand the impact this is having and are committed to ensuring a quick resolution for this.

I will be more than happy to update this thread with any relevant information that becomes available to me."


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Many thanks @kgroneman. This really helps.

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