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Determine user's access to a particular group using LiQL or V1

I want to be able to tell if a user can access a particular group using either LiQL or V1 api. Any idea how to do this?


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@Inactive User 
You can do it in 2 different way 
a) Get all groups of that specific user using below query
<#assign myGroups= rest("/groups/for/members/id/[user_id]") />
And search for that specific group if it exists. 
b) Get all members of a group using the below query and check if that user exist in list

<#list restadmin("/groups/id/[group_id]/members?page_size=999").users.user as member>
<#if && ( ==>
<#assign show_module = true/>

I think option "a" will be better here. 

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