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Difference between Quoted Tweet and Retweet in System Tags.

Can someone assist me on explaining what is the difference between a Quoted Tweet and Retweet in the System Tags.


If you could explain individually, it would be great to the community.



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A retweet is when a member 'forwards' the exact same message on twitter to their own followers.

A quoted tweet is basically the same BUT the person retweeting adds a comment.

For the purposes of supporting customers we treat quoted treats as potential opportunities to assist, as the additional information may be in the form of a question, and retweets as noise that should be filtered away from our agents.

Thank you DanK


However, my next question will be, how can i setup a queue, where i can see all/any post by/about my page that has been retweeted without quotes? (just retweets)


I managed to setup a queue for Quoted Tweet, however its not doing the same for retweet in a separate queue. 


Kindly enlighten me.



I would use a smartview not a work queue. Work queues are optimally setup so that each ticket of work lands in an appropriate queue.

If you want to filter to see just one kind of post then smartviews are the better option as this picks up everything matching the rule you have access to view.

Looking in my own instance I actually cannot find a retweet in the last year. I am actually not sure if this means that there is an issue with the tagging of retweets OR if twitter users are so accustomed to putting their 2c in that a plain retweet is uncommon these days. More investigation is required I think.

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