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Difference between Solutions Authored vs. Solutions Accepted?


In the Bulk Download Member Data function inside Community Analytics, I noticed there are two columns for solutions. One is "Solutions Accepted" which I would assume is the number of responses a user has which were accepted by the Original Poster as the correct solution.

However, there seems to be another metric "Solutions Authored." What's the purpose of this one and how is it different from "Solutions Accepted?

Any insight into this would be super helpful! Thanks in advance. 

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Khoros Staff

Hi @jonchen 

These two represent two different metrics.

Solutions Authored - The number of forum replies or Q&A comments or answers authored by the user that have been marked as an accepted solution.

Solutions Accepted - The number of forum replies or Q&A comments or answers designated as an accepted solution by the user

You could refer to the definitions of the metrics available in Bulk Download Member Data here.

Thanks and regards


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @jonchen ,


If the comment has answered your question, would you mind marking it as an accepted solution, please?



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