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Disable Event Reminders due to Khoros Bug

We found an issue with event reminders that Khoros identified as a bug which is that the email reminder doesn't update the time of the event based on the user's time zone. 

For example, an event is scheduled at 9am PST, but the user attending is in CST.  However, they receive the email reminder saying the meeting starts at 9am CST instead of 11am CST.

Due to this, we want to turn off Event reminders.  Does anyone know how to do this?

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Hello @jamiemccardle

Thank you for reporting this. I have passed on your query to support, they will reach out to you and help you with this. 

I'm wondering if it is just something simple in the html for hte email text of for Event Reminder in Studio.

In the code below (Used for our Event Reminder Email Text), it is just taking the Event Start (and End) time and date (as set according to the creator’s time zone) and just adding the recipient’s time zone at the end.  So it becomes start date and time according to creator + user’s time zone, without actually any time conversion to the user’s time.

We're thinking we can add replace it to add the text in green below.


Event Start Date:   ${notification.message.occasionData.startDate} ${notification.message.occasionData.userTimezone}

Event End Date:     ${notification.message.occasionData.endDate} ${notification.message.occasionData.userTimezone}

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