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Disable notification when initiating badges



we are about to activate badges within our community and we would like to avoid bothering our customers with a pile of notifications when we implement them.

we still want them to receive future notifications when they get a new badge but we want to remove the initial email as some of our best contributors will get a lot of them


does someone has already done that or can help us ?


Thanks in advance


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Hi @GuillaumeV

Badge notifications will usually be sent out the next time the badge unlock calculation is run. This is usually at the next time a community member signs in. Theoretically you could disable the badge notification emails for the first week of your rollout to have your most active users receive their badges without notifications (NB: Add a reminder a week in to turn them on again!):

Badge Notification Settings in User AdminBadge Notification Settings in User Admin

But to state the obvious: If you don't notify them, they might not know or learn about their badges much later. 

I agree that the badge notification could receive some slight improved - namely to group all badge notifications received at simultaneously in just one email - but I think the benefit of a one day notification email spam outweigh the downsides.


What you might want to do nevertheless is give your super users a heads up/preview of the badges landing and apologize in advance  about the first day of spam. This will also give you the advantage that they know what's coming, are on board and will be able to explain it to the wider community as well.

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we'll try that but there seems to be a bug that prevent us from disabling this notification.

btw, i think your advice is better for creating awarness on the premiumm gamification in our community




Yeah, even the Badges I earn -setting is "Never" we still get notification to the notification feed. Is this a bug or what?


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