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Disable user notification

I am currently going through every post on our Community and removing custom labels and putting in predefined labels. This give the users a lot of unnecessary email notifications. Can I somehow turn this off?
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Even though you have a lot of control over notifications for users (Community Admin > Users > Notifications), it is all setup for the 'defaults'.  So if your present day users are all defaulted to receive a lot of notifications (probably the case, and mostly a good thing), then even if you changed these settings today, it would only change the settings for those new users that register going forward.

It sounds like you are in a bit of a pinch right now.  One thing that you could *maybe* do (I have no idea if this is possible, but it is the only idea that comes to mind) is to request through Khoros Support that ALL notifications be turned off for the Community for an hour or two (hopefully you do this during low traffic hours), while you work like a maniac to change all of those labels. 

Now, to be fair, I do not even know if Support can (or will) do this, but suspending emails is a bit risky because there are some important ones that can be sent out, and if your Community is a 24/7 type of huge global Community, that is less than ideal.  However, if you have a smaller to mid-size Community (perhaps B2B high-tech), then you might be able to get away with the suggestion I have share above.

Worst-case scenario, you irritate your users...but at least they are reminded that there is action happening on the community...and if you want to try to look for a silver-lining, "there is no such thing as bad press".

Sorry I do not have a better solution / workaround for you on this one.

Thank you, @JakeR 

I will try to figure out if your workaround works.

Not great that the function doesn't exist. I will try and ask Support.


I have to do this quite often and I ask support to turn off notifications for a specific node (blog, tkb, etc), which they can/will do.   When I'm done, I ask them to notifications back on again.   No need to turn it off for the entire community. 

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the  support team should indeed be able to turn off all notifications for any work that may highly impact aall users. Just log a support ticket. We usually timebox the work that needs to be done and inform our superusers to minimize the impact. Can’t really leave notifications off for a long time otherwise it impacts the user 

There is an idea on pausing email notifications, worth kudo-ing. 😉

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Need to thank you for even asking this question because otherwise, I wouldn't have gone down the Atlas rabbit-hole to find the idea that @Wendy_S shared in her reply and I wouldn't have found that the idea was delivered with the 21.1 release: 

Maybe we can update the solution for any other users who find this thread?

Thanks to both of you!


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