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Display all groups in the community

I've created a category called "Events" on our community and within that are groups for each event. I'd like this to be visible to anyone visiting our forums, but even tho nothing is set to hidden they don't show up.


Am I missing something? Is this possible?


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Hi Sherrie,


Hide from lists and menus is checked by default when creating Groups in the Admin console. You may want to navigate to the groups and check to see if the box is indeed checked (Admin > Community Structure > Mouseover Item > Edit Properties).


You'll want to look at permissions as well to be sure.

Hi @BrianOblinger, that was actually the first setting I looked for and it is unchecked.


Very strange. Is the category showing up at all, or nothing at all?


Are you using an out-of-the-box board browser or a custom one? Sometimes custom browsers can be coded in a way that won't display new categories that aren't referenced in the code, etc.

Nothing at all. In fact, if I move the group to a category that has other boards displayed, it still doesn't show up even tho that category and the other boards in it do display.


If I create a new category with forums under it, everything works as expected.


Yeah, sounds like there's either a hide from lists or a permissions issue there.


Changing the default in Admin > Features > Groups doesn't retroactively unmark groups as hidden. You'd have to manually unmark each one in the structure. If those are all unmarked and you think your permissions are correct, you may want to open a support case with Lithium to inquire further.

So up until this point I was only testing on our staging site. It appears to work just fine on prod. Thanks for your help @BrianOblinger. 🙂


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