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Display list of users and sorting based on dif. criteria

Hey all, 

I'm looking for a solution to display a list of all users in the community and sorting that list by criteria such as kudos, posts or replies.  

Maybe someone can help me with that. 



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No worries Christoph (@CKummer).

You need to create a user report, then you can export the spreadsheet and manipulate it as much as you like.

Please let us know if you have any trouble running the report. (Admin/Metrics/User Reports)





@JasonHill Sorry I was a bit imprecise. Of course I know the user reports I can create in the backend. But I mean a kind of overview in the community itself where I can see all users in the community which I can sort by certain cristeria such as number of posts. 

Maybe if you can let us know the why then we can suggest a solution @CKummer. Is this something just for you or something you want all of the community to see? It would certainly be possible to build a custom page and pull that kind of data from the API. 




@JasonHill That's a question I have received out of the community - but only from one user. I thought there could be an overview of all users in the frontend something like those recent-post-pages.  


As far as I know there is no out of the box solution for this but this would be doable as a custom component that has to be build in a way that there are no performance issues as this component would have to pull a lot of data at once. 



Studio lists a "User Reports Page" layout within the "User" page category, but I have no idea what URL this report can be accessed via. Maybe Khoros can open that box of Pandora 😛

The only somewhat related page I'm aware of is the built-in "Users Online" page at the path /t5/forums/usersonlinepage

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