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Displaying products on the post-view page

Hi ya'll!

I'm playing around with product associations (not product mentions; product associations - you can read about them here: About Product Mentions and Product Associations ). I'm able to add products when creating a post (have tried on forum posts and contest entries). But, there's no display on the page where you actually view the post to show what products have been associated.

I read in Enable Product Mentions and Product Associations that you need to add the component product-snippet to contest entries to get products to appear. But, that's not working. Also, no products are appearing on forum entries either.

Is there some secret I'm not aware of to get this to show up?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Caroline,

I think this was a setting that we recently figured out here in Atlas as well - as I can now see the Community Product associated with this post.  @AndyK do you happen to know how this changed?

Khoros Staff

Hi @CarolineS @JacobBo 

I believe the product picture block is controlled by this setting.

Admin > Features > Mentions - "Display rich content with Product Mentions" 

Yay @AmyS! That works for forum posts! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work for contest entries (though I did add the product-snippet component to the contest entry display page).  Any ideas about that?

Also, some quick feedback on the display on forum posts - the "View products" button is super weird if you only have a couple of products, basically when you click on it it just goes away. And the display of products seems like it should have some visual distinction from the post itself (like a line above?). I'm sure I can CSS that, but it seems like a reasonable default to give the products section a bit of distinction.


Hm, I'm not sure about contests. I don't see them there either. I suspect that because contest entries don't have an editor per se (and no mentions are therefore possible) that the block that collects them was never implemented there. That doesn't account for direct associations though which also appear in the block. I didn't see a bug for it, so I'll file something.


And, I totally agree about the 'view products' expander being there by default. An improvement for it is already in our backlog. Originally I think it was designed to accommodate a lot more products than people ended up mentioning in their posts in practice. I think the max I've seen in the wild is 3 (so far).

Thanks @AmyS! FYI - "Story" contests do have an editor, so you can indeed mention products there. And do the association via the separate field.


Ah thank you! I'm still learning about this product, even after over a year. 😆

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