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Do auto escalation work the same as manual escalations?


We're using manual topic & message escalations and have it working via email & pushing a conversation into Response immediately (on boards where there's a 24 hour delay).

We're now trying to use auto escalations to push messages from certain users (defined with a role) to Response before the 24 hour delay. I've set this up to test with the minimum 1 minute delay and created some posts, but I'm not seeing either an email or the conversation being pushed into Response.

Is there a fundamental difference between auto & manual escalations that might explain why this isn't working as expected? The documentation doesn't explain any additional considerations for auto escalations beyond setting up the options. It's mentioned alongside manual escalations as well, implying that the functionality would be the same.



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Likely a backend change that's needed by support or at least when i set up mind it was needed and i dont think ive seen it being pushed to self-serve. 

  • Manual - someone with permissions clicks the escalate button it's triggered
  • Auto - this was a time delay, afterwhich any post would be pushed into response 

One of the challenges i had was that regardless of the delay i didn't want 100% of all content to end up in response.

With supports help we disabled the auto escalation of everything after X and went with the following rules:

Only escalate a topic/message into response if the following criteria is achieved: 

  1. someone with the granted permission to escalate has clicked the escalate button, send into response straight away 
  2. If message has not had a reply with X minutes, send straight to response. 


Once the above is in place you can control the amount of time for "X" within Admin, this was only topics which have been escalated will get to response, this allows you, for example to give the community say 24 hours to answer a questions if no answer, it's passed to your team and your super users have the power to escalate manually so if they see something you need to be all over it gets to you straight away.  

That's how i have mine setup. 



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Thanks @Fellsteruk 

We made a change about a year back to a priority based model. We combine our social & community responses and assign based on priority in Response. What we found was a lot of community posts didn't quite fit the criteria and SU's were complaining of lack of opportunity to respond.

So we've got a 24 hour delay on some boards + escalate button to pull straight into Response. What we've found is the SU resource isn't enough to catch all those posts and we've seen declining return on Value surveys.

What I'm trying to do is keep that in place, but auto-escalate for any new members (defined by a role) so we answer those quickly. We know our new members usually end up with us as a last resort so it's prudent to have the chance to answer quickly if needed.

But the role-based auto escalate doesn't do anything, so suspect it may be configuration rather than admin settings.

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