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Does anyone monitor subscription or any other data about labels?

Labels are one of the most important aspects of how we structure customer-generated information in our Community, so it would be very important for us to monitor the usability of the labels as well. Currently going through Community Analytics and Admin metrics I don't see anywhere any information on the label insights.

Does anyone know any way how to monitor labels?

For us would be important to know how many users are subscribed for each label, when labels are created, and last used and how many questions and product ideas are submitted with each label. 

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Hi @laimavai,

Reporting on subscriptions is something that a lot of us have asked for for a long time, but is not on the Khoros roadmap.

If you go into Khoros Analytics and click on the Labs link, then Labels, you will find you can get Label view data but nothing else.




For what its worth, labels do show up on the CSV export, which is the easiest way to quickly drill into which labels are being used where and how often. While not anything what many would like, it's one way to keep an eye on things.

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