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Does lithium community have workflow?

I use the lithium Community product at my work, but i'm not an admin, and i don't know of any place to try it out as an admin, so i'm curious....does Community have workflow?


that is, can i make a post, have someone approve it, someone comes in later and leaves an update, that update gets approved or rejected, all that kind of stuff?



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@shmooth : Kindly go over this Document and it will provide more details about lithium


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@shmooth - It is available, you need to enable the moderation for this which is described here.


Moderation settings determine the discussions that are pre- or post-moderated and the notices that users receive when their content is moderated. You can set these options for the community as a whole or for individual forums, blogs, and so forth. For example, although you might turn pre- or post-moderation on as the community default, you might also want to turn it off for selected forums or other discussions.

The choices for sending notifications to users are none (no private messages are sent), on rejection, or on approval or rejection. The last choice is likely to result in a barrage of private messages for active community members who have not yet earned the right to bypass moderation for their posts. On the other hand, you might want to start off by notifying users every time a post or image is approved so that they can look for it in the community.

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looks like i don't have access to those links.


what i'm looking for is basically the ability to privately (within my company) comment on a published article, so we can refine it, then publish the updated version, once it is good to go.

it looks like we do have some kind of moderation available, and we do use it, but it only really works for private community posts.


so, on a private (company?) post, any user can make and edit and save a revision of that post, and then the 'admin' can come in and publish the latest or a revision. 


but it seems that is only available for private posts. maybe?


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