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Drafted article metrics

I'm trying to find a way to identify how many articles a user has drafted/submitted for review. Community analytics only seems to offer the metric "Published Articles," which excludes articles that have been written and submitted for review, but not published. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Sr. Community Manager | Flexera Community
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Hopefully this will get you started, Austin:

https://<YOUR_COMMUNITY_URL>/api/2.0/search?restapi.session_key=<YOUR_SESSION_KEY>&q=SELECT subject,, author.login, post_time, view_href FROM messages WHERE visibility_scope='draft'

Need your session key?

This is going to dump all draft articles, site-wide, to the screen in JSON format. Just save a copy and get ready to do some Excel magic to get it into a usable format there. Google will lead you.

Now, if someone can teach me a way to get this API output in csv or something more friendly without needing to convert, that would be awesome!

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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