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Duplicate Accepted Solutions

Hi! Sorry if this is a silly question, but whenever an answer is accepted as a solution, it then creates a duplicate post. Is this normal? Anyway I can adjust this? Thanks in advance!! Example:

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Hi @Finney0225!

The behavior you're seeing is normal, if you have the setting "Float Accepted Solutions on the top of threads" turned on. This creates a duplicate accepted solution right below the original post in the thread - which is helpful when there are lots of replies in the thread (so it's easy to see the solution), but it's kind of confusing when the accepted solution is one of very few replies. I'd recommend adjusting the background color / border of the "floated" accepted solution so that it's distinct from the other one (here's an example:

You can also turn that setting off, if you prefer - it's in Admin > Features > Accepted Solutions.


You're the best! Thank you 🙂

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