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Easiest way to quickly link to other articles

Our TKB articles often link to other TKB articles. To find the URL to another article I  open a new window, go to our search page, search for the article I want, copy the URL, then return to my article draft and paste it.

It seems like this could be greatly optimized if, in the Insert Link dialog, I could just search for the article title I want and select it from auto-suggest options. I noticed that the Url field will currently suggest anchor links within the page, but I want to find links to other pages.


Is this possible?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hmmmm....I think this would definitely be filed under an 'incremental improvement' to the product itself.  This would have to be an 'Idea' in the Product Ideas part of our Community.  It is a good suggestion and I would gladly vote for it, so if you do create an Idea, please link it in this thread.

Alternatively, you could probably get a little crazy and hack up the page that has the 'insert link' area to have a custom component that queries other TKB articles only and auto-completes as you type in what you remember the name of the other article to be.  It would be a cool and clever workaround, but it kind of seems like a Rube Goldberg approach to dealing with your challenge rather than just having the product itself help you do the work (someday, far off in the future), or just sticking with doing it the way you do it today.

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