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Edit Options for subscribers to Published Knowledge Base Articles

Under Admin > Users > Notification Defaults - Does anyone know what the definition of "minor edits" means in the options to the item below?

Edits to published knowledge base articles and topics in areas I subscribe to:
For all but minor edits

For all edits (includes minor edits)


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@lindseyrheapool "For all but minor edits" to be notified when any change to a TKB article or topic is published, except for a "minor edit" to a TKB article.

"For all edits (including minor edits)" to be notified when any change to a TKB article or topic is published. 

Khoros Staff

Minor edits are manually marked when a user makes an edit to a blog post or TKB. There is a checkbox on the page when editing those posts that looks something like this. So if a user checks that box when making an edit, it's a minor edit.

Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 3.18.45 PM.png

Hope this is helpful!

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