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Edit default emails

Hello everyone,

I was intrigued by the emails that our users receive by default, either by subscription, or replies, etc. 


I wanted to ask if there's any way to add a new e-mail template? 

And how to do it?

Also, where can I find documentation to edit/create new emails?


Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi @adriana4u,

Smarter types than me have used the ranking structure to trigger customised emails to members, and we are currently thinking about doing the same to help members with onboarding. I've been asking for an easier way to do this for a long time...

But generally the answer to your question is no. I still really like this enhancement request from six years ago - a message manager that could be customised so you could trigger emails to be sent according to whatev...





If they're smarter than you, next to me they're even more... 


I would love to be able to change e-mails for the users, but well, I liked these enhancements, maybe some day we will get them.


Thank you so much!

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